Why Is Underwear Called Knickers By British People?


Knickers and pants and briefs and boxers, oh my! What do these words mean? If you’ve ever wondered why the British call underwear “knickers,” you’re not alone.

The word “knickers” dates back to the 1800s when they were modeled after a type of women’s pantaloon called “knee breeches” or “breeches.” The term was shortened to “knickers” because it was easier to pronounce.

In the past, underwear was called “knickers” in British English. The word “knickers” is used to refer to both women’s and men’s underwear. Though this term is more widely used by women.

The word “knickers” comes from the word “knee” which also means cloth that covers someone’s knees. The word “knicker” is first recorded in 1823, which may be an anglicization of the Scottish dialectal word nekker meaning trousers. This pronounciation of the word has evolved over time and now it is known as “pants” in American English, referring to trousers or shorts; or, for women, it refers to panties only.

What are knickers?

Knickers are undergarments worn by both men and women.

Knickers is simply a British word for panty or underwear. Knickerbockers is the commonly used term for men’s shorts-like garment in the US.

The term knickers is believed to have originated from an 18th-century meaning of “knee-breeches,” which was a type of tight fitting trousers that only reached the wearer’s knees. Hence, these garments are also known as knickerbockers or breeches in the US, while they are called pants elsewhere in the English-speaking world.

In recent years, knickers have been worn as an alternative to skirts and trousers. They have been adopted by those who want more mobility than skirts offer but still want to remain covered—especially when wearing a dress or skirt above the knee.

The Origin of the Word ‘Knickers’: Scottish or British?

This is a question that has been debated for centuries, with some people claiming that the word “knickers” originated in Scotland and others claiming they originated in England.

The consensus of most lexicographers is that the word knickers comes from the British word “knickerbockers.” while others believe that it comes from the Scottish word ‘kneecap’.

The Oxford English Dictionary states that the first use of knickers in its modern meaning was seen in 1881, which is what lead us to believe that knickers originated in Scotland.

Knickers are a type of underwear for women and girls. They are, in some countries, worn by both sexes. The etymology of knickers is not clear cut and it has been suggested that there may be more than one possible root to the word.

The Connotation of the Word ‘Knickers’: British or American?

Knickers are a type of underwear. In British English, it is commonly understood to refer to underwear that covers the genitals and buttocks, but in American English it primarily refers to women’s underpants that cover from waist to mid-thigh.

In British English, knickers are primarily understood as women’s underpants that cover the genitals and buttocks but in American English they refer mainly to clothing covering the lower half of the body.

It is the most common term in the United Kingdom for underwear that covers the legs and waist. The term originates from the Old English words ‘nicor’, meaning animal skin, and ‘hnykkian’, meaning to cover.

The word ‘knickers’ can either refer to underwear or a type of riding pants.

The word ‘knickers’ can either refer to underwear or a type of riding pants. The word is an old-fashioned term that originated in the late 1800s.

Conclusion: Why is underwear called by british people as knickers and not simply “pants”

The conclusion of this article is that knickers and pants are not the same thing. Pants can be trousers, dress pants, or jeans while knickers are a kind of underwear.

British people call their underwear “knickers” and not just “pants” because they consider them as a form of pants. It is not just a piece of clothing, but also a type of clothing similar to pants.

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