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Un ghid complet pentru a deveni un manager de proiect în 2020

Un ghid complet pentru a deveni un manager de proiect în 2020

Are you thinking of becoming a project manager but don’t know where to start? Dacă da, iată un ghid care te poate ajuta să mergi pe drumul cel bun.

Cine este manager de proiect?

A project manager is a person responsible for leading an entire project from its initiation to its completion. They plan, execute, and control all aspects of a project. Since project managers always work in teams, you’ll need to be more social and a great team player.

În plus, as the leader of your team, being flexible and open to different cultures and people is vital in communicating with your members. A great project manager can work as a supervisor, co-worker, and team leader at once.

Many individuals consider project management to be one of the most challenging careers because it requires leadership and management skills. acest curs vă va oferi instrumentele de care aveți nevoie pentru a obține o poziție mai bună la locul de muncă actual, people will always come to you as the PM to solve problems, and your team will look up to you to answer their questions.

What does a project manager do?

Your work as a project manager differs depending on the industry you work in. În general, tu vei:

• Conduct workshops and training
• Make recommendations for project improvements
• Direct all project management phases
• Develop professional business relationships

You’ll also use project management software to track time and task distribution. Asa de, what’s the best construction management software? Using software depends on your needs and your industry. It’s wise to check out several options on the internet to find your fit.

How do you become a project manager?

Before beginning your career as a project manager, research and identify the tools and processes required in project management. Knowing what you need helps you determine whether the career is right for you. You can then go ahead and register for project management or business administration degree. Having a diploma in project management is also a bonus.

At times, you may need a degree in other disciplines to get a PM position. De exemplu, a design agency may only hire a project manager with a degree in Arts and Design. Prin urmare, don’t limit the number of courses you take in your journey to becoming a PM.

in orice caz, before deciding on a degree, check out how project management works in real life. Working on a project can help you gain accountability and self-discipline.

Project management certifications

Certifications are a vital part of project management as some organizations will require you to have one to get hired. În plus, the experience and knowledge you gain during exams and training are indispensable.

Some important PM certifications you can get include:

• Project Management Professional (PMP) certificare
• Scrum certifications
• The PRINCE2 certification

Although having certifications is a plus, it’s not everything because you need working experience in project management to succeed.

Project management problems

Project managers face numerous challenges, such as the pressure to deliver quality work on time and being in charge of all duties. Dar, with the right mindset and PM skills, you can become a successful project manager.

Follow these steps for a future in project management.


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