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2021 Scrum Master Certification: VideoCourse +eBook+160 Test

2021 Scrum Master Certification: VideoCourse +eBook+160 Test

Price: $79.99

NOTE: This course is up to date with the last major release of the Scrum Guide and the PSM I exam (live from January 10th, 2021) ! All previous students got the update for free !


WELCOME to my Course, where you will learn the Scrum Framework, to become an outstanding Scrum Master and everything you need to pass your PSM I exam at first try !


I am Angelo and I have more than 15 years of professional experience as Project Manager and AGILE COACH and TRAINER. I have many clients, many Agile transformations and hundreds of HAPPY STUDENTS trained on my credit.

I believe that in order to be a successful Agilist, it is necessary to pay the right attention also to Training. That’s why i am proud to teach you all the tips and tricks to best prepare for the Professional Scrum Master Certification, and for the same reason i have achieved for myself over time many important Certifications, including: PSM I ®, SAFe SPC ® (the most important worldwide Framework to scale Agile to the entire Organization), LeSS ® (another very important framework to Scale Agile), Enterprise Business Agility Strategist ® (issued by AgilityHealth) and PMP ® (prestigious certification as Project Management Professional issued by PMI institute).

I am also the author of the high rated kindle eBook: “Professional Guide Agile, Scrum and Scrum Master Profession”.


In Summary:

  • Contains everything you need to PASS THE PSM I AT THE FIRST TRY and with very HIGH SCORE, as lot of students before you


  • Includes 2 HIGH QUALITY PSM I SIMULATORS (160 questions and commented answers)

  • Includes an EXCLUSIVE ONLINE EBOOK (+300 pages) with the same content useful to better and definitely memorize everything


  • I answer any students’ question in short time

  • My DEEP EXPERIENCE as Agile Coach and Trainer

    So you will not only be able to put the PSM 1 Certification on your CV but also be confident to pass a job interview and practice your subsequent Scrum Master Profession

More in details:

First of all this course is probably the most comprehensive one about Scrum and Professional Scrum master I ™ Certification because It is perfectly aligned with the LATEST VERSION of the Scrum Guide (v2020) and explains it with maximum attention to clearness and details.

Further, this course contains an additional 50% of SCRUM ‘PRACTICE CONTENT’, like user story writing, agile estimation and agile metrics, so will let you not only to PASS THE EXAM but also be confident in the DAY BY DAY PRACTICE of your Scrum Master profession *. Also, a dedicated section is related to a detailed example of how scrum is implemented in the REAL WORLD, showing the Day by day Sprint activities of a typical Scrum Team.

Coming back to the PSM exam, I have dedicated a section showing you how the exam is composed and all the TIPS AND TRICKS to pass it at FIRST TRY and with a very high score, as lot of students before you did. By the way you will find particularly useful the final 2 PRACTICE TESTS composed of a total of 160 HIGH QUALITY questions, each with exhaustive explanation of the correct answer.

Last but not least I additionally offer you the online EBOOK version of the entire Course, that is an exclusive content that nobody else on Udemy offers: I recommend reading it after the listening of the Video Lessons and also using it as quick reference during your exam and during your successive practice of the Scrum Master profession.

Finally, i think this course represents the best way either to PASS the PSM exam at first try and to PRACTICE YOUR PROFESSION, I look forward to seeing you soon inside the course !


Absolutely yes ! You can enroll now 100% risk-free because you receive 30 days, unconditional full money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied.

So, go ahead and click the “Buy Now” button right now !

* each module and each lesson is identified by 3 different kind of labels that indicate:

  • if its content is part of the official Scrum Guide and therefore the subject of PSM I examination questions

  • or represents an Additional Content (its concepts are useful to better understand some more sneaky exam questions)

  • or an additional Content (of intermediate-advanced level) useful above all to acquire additional knowledge to be applied in the practice of work in Scrum

Note1: Professional Scrum™, Professional Scrum Master™, PSM, PSM I, PSM 1, etc. are protected brand of Scrum dot org. Current course and practice exam are neither endorsed by nor affiliated with Scrum . org.

Note2: For italian learners, it is available also the italian version under this suffix: /course/corso-professionale-agile-scrum-e-scrum-master/?referralCode=F5112A0EB1566ABDB297


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