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A Journey through Medicine: How to Get into Medical School

A Journey through Medicine: How to Get into Medical School

Price: $19.99

Wondering how to get into medical school? This course is for you.

This course is a comprehensive overview of the process of becoming an American physician starting from the very beginning all the way through residency. Its goal is to provide the student with a complete framework giving him both a roadmap and the ability to navigate pitfalls such as poor academic performance as well as considering foreign medical schools such as SGU.

Some of the highlights this course covers are:

  • What extracurricular activity maximizes your chances of getting into med school
  • If you should pursue research while moving through your undergraduate career and where to find it
  • What types of life and vocational experience make you unique and strengthen your chances
  • How to navigate the difficult process of pursuing a foreign medical school and all the associated potential issues
  • The upcoming changes to the 2015 MCAT
  • How to get into medical school overcoming a low GPA
  • A vast peer reviewed bank of recommended websites and resources to help you along the journey
  • And much more!

At the end of this course, you’ll have a remarkably good idea of what it takes and how to become a doctor. The results are up to you!

If you are one to the future Doctor of America then don’t delay to join the Journey Through Medicine and learn how to get into medical school.


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