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Adobe Campaign Classic Architect (AD0-E303)

Adobe Campaign Classic Architect (AD0-E303)

Price: $19.99

Course in Pre-Launch Mode, the Total number of questions will be around 30+.

More questions will be added very soon.

Adobe Campaign Classic Architect (AD0-E303) Test series

The minimally-qualified Campaign Classic Architect should be familiar with the following tools and comfortable in the following environments:

• Package installer tools for on-prem

• SQL client tools

• Web server operation tools, command line or UI, such as IIS

• File transfer tools

• JSON validation tools, Code validation tools, browser debugging tools, webservice testing, Adobe Experience Cloud debugger, and network proxy tools

• XML tools

• Unix CMD line

• Spam Checker & Inbox rendering tools

• Cloud Tools (API Getaway, Lambda etc.)

• Deliverability monitor tools from 3rd parties

• System Architect tools (IBM-RSA etc.) to manage the artifacts

• Data Modeling and Design Tools

• nlserver commands; HTML, and JavaScript editors

• Visualization tools (e.g.: Visio or any UML tools)

• MS Project

• Windows, Linux, Virtualization software (e.g. VMWare), Cloud platform (e.g. Azure, AWS)

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