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Adobe InDesign CC 2021: Complete Training for Professionals

Adobe InDesign CC 2021: Complete Training for Professionals

Price: $89.99

Tired of trying to figure out Adobe InDesign on your own?

Join me and learn to use InDesign without the headaches or hassle!

Does this sound familiar…

You subscribed to Adobe InDesign because you heard that it was “the best” and the leading “industry-standard software”. You know you want full customisation and control over your business branding and value professional content hence you decided to jump in and give it a go.

Or perhaps you had no say in the matter. You might have inherited InDesign documents from a previous colleague, or been told by your employer that it is required software.

So now you have spent hours watching YouTube videos, and scanned through all the forums. You have tried to navigate the interface, and re-link those “missing images”, but you are left feeling confused and frustrated and unable to tap into the potential of this program.

Don’t worry, you are not alone.

I’m here to walk you through Adobe InDesign step-by-step.

Starting with the absolute basics (and building up to the more advanced), we will work our way up to using the tools that will specifically help you create the designs and documents you need within a professional environment.

Because this is where my course differs from the others.

It is not just another “general InDesign course”. I don’t just plonk down all this content and leave you to sift through it, picking out the relevant parts. This video course is designed to meet the needs of professionals, business owners and content creators. It is structured and delivered using the expertise I have developed over the past eleven years as a qualified teacher and trainer. This is the same framework that I use with my face-to-face clients to help them enjoy success with InDesign, and for the first time I’m now making it available online!

Because here’s the thing.

There’s a serious learning curve involved with InDesign.

And that’s for good reason.

We’re talking about industry standard software, used by professional publishing houses, corporate organisations and elite design agencies. There’s a learning curve because there’s a lot to learn! InDesign includes countless features and almost infinite possibilities.

But just because there’s a lot to learn, doesn’t mean it has to be hard to learn.

I always open my face-to-face Adobe InDesign training sessions by stating that InDesign is my all-time favourite software program. Everyone in the room always laughs disbelievingly.

But it’s true – it is my favourite program!

It wasn’t the case initially. What feels like a life-time ago … I had just started a new job, and was literally thrown in the deep end… Here’s InDesign, off you go! Fortunately, an opportunity soon came up to attend formal InDesign training. To this day, I reflect on how valuable that training was.

Because this is a program that needs to be learnt from the ground up.

Yes, you can fiddle around and enjoy some success.

But if you don’t learn the fundamentals first, you will inevitably find yourself running into road blocks and errors down the track. There are unique features and elements to InDesign that you won’t find in other software programs. Without that background knowledge, you are going to end up banging your head against the wall as you deal with unlinked graphics and missing text boxes, not to mention all the hours wasted that could be better spent on your actual business!

I have used this program every day for the past eleven years.

Each year I help countless working professionals through my InDesign training sessions.

And now, for the first time I have bundled up these years of experience into a self-paced video course which strips away the jargon and focuses on guiding you through logically and systematically.

When you join, you’ll learn …

  • The basics of the InDesign interface and tools

  • Advanced customisation features that will help you create truly unique work

  • How to make the most of InDesign tools to create designs that will convert your audience

  • My favourite hacks for getting designs done faster

And you won’t be alone.

I’ll be guiding you every step of the way!

This is eleven year’s worth of InDesign knowledge, condensed down and stripped back to bring you only the most relevant bits of information that you need to take your designs forward.

This is your chance to finally understand how this program works, so that you can easily create and re-create professional designs without the hassle.

You’ll receive seven easy to follow lessons so you can master InDesign one step at a time.

The problem with industry standard software like InDesign is that it can be so professional, that it is overwhelming at first. So I’ve broken it down into manageable, easy-to-digest videos that build upon one another so that you leave feeling completely empowered and ready to roll.

What we cover …

Module 1:

Interface and Tools

This is where we cover the fundamentals of InDesign. We’ll walk through the InDesign interface, plus which tools in the toolbar you actually need to know about. We will also look the different view and display options.

Module 2:

Basics: Getting Started

Now it’s time to start creating! Step-by-step, we’ll go through how to set up a new document, followed by how to add simple text, images and colour to that document.

Module 3:

Advanced: Images & Objects

It’s time to dive in a little deeper with images and objects. Here, I will show you some quick and handy techniques to ensure your objects are always aligned and distributed properly, as well as how to crop or frame an image within a shape. I’ll also explain why ‘grouping’ objects can be super helpful!

Module 4:

Advanced: Text Formatting

Some of my favourite tips are included in this section! Here, we focus in on text formatting. Specifically, I show you how to set up Paragraph and Character Styles (a process that will literally save your hours), as well as how to wrap text around an image, add placeholder text and link text boxes together.

Module 5:

Saving & Exporting

Spoiler: there’s more to it than just hitting the ‘Save’ button! In this module we’ll cover everything you need to know about preparing and exporting your final designs – including updating colour formats, re-linking missing links, viewing background tasks and making sure you select the right settings for print or web.

Module 6:

Tips for Streamlining

Now we are really getting into some of my favourite tricks! In this module, I’ll share with you some of the best kept secrets that InDesign has to offer business owners. Learn how to set up templates, CC Libraries and Page Masters – this will not only save you time, but help ensure consistency of branding and messaging across all your designs.

Module 7:

Setting up your workspace

Finally, I will show you how you can set up your workspace in InDesign so that it works for you. Make sure all the tools you need are close at hand, and that you are working with the correct units of measurement.

When you enrol you will receive access to …

Hours of video content

Broken down into easy-to-follow bite-sized chunks, and logically presented from basic to advanced. Follow my screenshare as I walk you through exactly which buttons to press!

Lifetime access & support

Pause, re-watch and re-wind as much as you like with lifetime access!

Plus, join me over on Facebook for Live Q&A sessions and have all those extra niggling questions answered.

I’m also available for 1:1 training sessions (in person and online via Zoom).

Written Instructions & Checklists

Handy guides to download and keep close at hand while you work your way through InDesign.

Are you ready? Let’s do this 🙂

– Kim Maslin

Digital Technologies Educator


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