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After Effects – Motion Graphics For Beginners

After Effects – Motion Graphics For Beginners

Price: $49.99

Learn how to create professional Motion Graphics and Animation in Adobe After Effects from scratch with ease!

In this course I will guide you through everything that is involved to create motion graphics using After Effects CC using various tools and techniques, this includes creating motion graphics from scratch all the way through to rendering.

  • Create awesome motion graphics

  • Create a Moon Scene animation

  • Create Compositions

  • Use Effects & Presets

  • How to use the Graph Editor

  • Manage Your Layers Effectively

  • Keyframe Managment

  • Learn How To Prepare Files For Import

  • Render Your Files Correctly

Within the course, we LEARN-BY-DOING, I walk you through all the steps it takes to create awesome & professional motion graphics so you understand what you are doing and why! You will learn how to use all the essential tools & get the best techniques so you can create motion graphics ease, get to grips with the After Effects software, even if you have never opened the programme before. This course will arm you with the skills and practical knowledge to give you confidence to go and create your own motion graphics and/or animations in the future. You will also learn the best way to render your creations for sharing with the world.

Who is this course for?

  • Individuals that want to learn how to create Motion Graphics in After Effects

  • Individuals that want to learn how to Animate scenes in After Effects

  • Anyone from beginners to experts who want to brush up their skills when it comes to using After Effects

By the end of this course you will have created multiple motion graphics using different methods and have the tools to take your After Effects knowledge to the next level!

Sign up today to start your new journey!

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