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Agile Foundations for Microsoft Business Apps

Agile Foundations for Microsoft Business Apps

Price: $19.99

Can your business applications team become more agile?

The Agile Foundations for Microsoft Business Apps course is ideal if you are interested in learning about agile software development and how business apps projects can benefit from an agile approach.

After taking this course, you’ll understand the history of agile software development, and it’s values and principles. You’ll also discover the Scrum framework and the benefits it can bring to your Dynamics 365, PowerApps, PowerBI or Flow project.

What you will learn on this course

In about an hour, the Agile Foundations for Microsoft Business Applications course will help you understand agile software development, and the basics and benefits of the Scrum framework in six high-quality videos, with captions, and quizzes.

  • Why I use Scrum to implement Microsoft Business Applications – Learn how I got started with Scrum on a Dynamics CRM project in 2008 after the Analysis phase nearly ended in disaster when we tried using SureStep.

  • The Fallacy of Requirements – An exploration of the challenges of capturing requirements faithfully, accurately and completely, and what happened to my client when they stopped trying to specify all the users’ requirements upfront.

  • Agile Primer – A brief history of agile software development since 1990, and an introduction to the Agile Manifesto, its founders, values and principles.

  • The Scrum framework – Scrum is the most popular agile software development framework and ideal for being applied to Microsoft Business Applications projects. Learn about the two main Scrum certification bodies and the basics of the Scrum framework.

  • Benefits of Scrum – Discover the top ten benefits of Scrum for Microsoft Business Applications projects that my clients and my teams have experienced for the past 10 years.

  • How to Learn Scrum – I share my recommendations on which Scrum certification path is most suitable for Microsoft Business Applications professionals, how to learn Scrum, and achieve your certification.

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