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An introduction to game development in Python

An introduction to game development in Python

Price: $24.99

One of the best ways to learn coding is by making videogames; and this is what this course is about. We will make 4 videogames that are becoming progressively more complex and we will be using the python programming language for it.

We will start with Pygame, which is a popular Python module that makes game development easy. With that, we will make a shooting range game and a meteor dodger arcade game. While both are fairly simple they will teach you the fundamentals of the module and give you the ability to achieve a wide range of games.

Once we finished that, we will learn Godot, which is a game engine that makes creating videogames so much easier and more fun. Along with that, we will also explore GDScript, which is nearly identical to Python but is optimized for game development. We will start with a futuristic 2D Frogger clone and then create a 3D first person shooter.

All the lessons are set up to maximize learning: There will be a challenge in almost every video; the project files for each lesson will be included in the video and I will be answering questions in the forum every day.

All the tools we will encounter in this course are free to use and open to everyone. So there is no limitation on starting immediately.

Hope to see you in the course!

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