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Apache Hive Basic to advance all in one

Apache Hive Basic to advance all in one

Price: $74.99

Apache Hive is a data processing tool on Hadoop. It is a querying tool for HDFS and the syntax of it’s queries is almost similar to our old SQL. Hive is an open source-software that lets programmers analyze large data sets on Hadoop.

Benefits of this course:

Enroll into this course and get end to end knowledge of Basic + ADVANCE Hive + Interview asked Use cases. This course is very rare of its kind and includes even very thin details of Hive which are not available anywhere online.

In this course you will get to understand a step by step learning of very Basic Hive to Advance Hive (which is actually used in Real-time projects) like with latest Hive version 3.x

Hive Setup , All file formats of Hive , Partition , Bucketing , Joins , Hive Code Review like Experts : all demo / interactive sessions

HQL Clauses : Distribute by , order by , clustered by , sort by

Window functions like rank , row_number , dense_rank : all demo / interactive sessions

Materialized View : A new advanced feature of Hive

ACID properties : update , delete , merge records in Hive table

CRUD operation in Hive : Different ways to create / insert data in hive table

Exchange of Partition between Tables and much more…

Performance Technique that big companies use to query fast on data.

This course is a full package explaining even rarely used commands and concepts in Hive. After completing this course you won’t find any topic left in Hive. This course is made keeping in mind the Real Implementation of Hive in Live Projects..

Additionally ,You can download the Step Step Installation Guide (doc) to Install Hadoop and Apache Hive

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