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Applied Creativity for Technology Professionals

Applied Creativity for Technology Professionals

Price: $39.99


Unleash your creative self in the face of business challenges and plot growth pathways by ideating, building, and taking innovations to market.

Applied Creativity is where inspiration meets organization. It is about being able to harness imagination and vision to effectively implement unexpected, innovative ideas . A simple process for identifying, defining and analyzing challenges, and then finding innovative solutions using Deliberate Creative Thinking. Provides some simple but effective tools for exploring problems quickly and effectively as well as a range of techniques that are proven to generate, design and develop solutions that work

What will you Learn?

  • Bust myths on creativity.

  • Overcome the psychological and behavioral barriers to build personal and team creativity.

  • The seven habits of highly creative individuals

  • The five leadership practices of building an innovation culture.

  • The right incentives, processes, and mindsets to spur creativity.

  • Understand a simple effective process of divergent-convergent thinking to find innovative solutions to business challenges

Top skills you will learn

  • Mind Mapping Techniques

  • Idea Generating Process

  • Creative Thinking & Execution

  • Power of Association

Ideal For

Anyone who wants to communicate ideas visually & design/deliver compelling customer experiences –

Product Managers, Business Analysts, Business Heads, Project Managers, Functional Managers, Startup Founders, Leaders, and Influencers.

  • Introduction

  • Chapter 1 – Vocabulary of Creativity

  • Chapter 2 – Habits of Creative People

  • Chapter 3 – Creativity in the Product Process

  • Chapter 4 – Design Thinking

  • Chapter 5 – Science of Creativity

  • Chapter 6 – Landscaping

  • Chapter 7 – Solution Vegetation/Ideation

  • Chapter 8 – Best Case Solution

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