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Astrological study of Modern careers(Advanced)

Astrological study of Modern careers(Advanced)

Price: $89.99

Have you ever think about understand what is the best suitable career according to your horoscope, so that you can operate on your full potential? If so, let us continue.

This course is focused on teaching the astrological analysis of Modern careers. Whether you learn Vedic astrology as a hobby or you are aspiring to become a full-time astrologer in the future, at the end of this course you will learn all the astrological concepts that are required to judge a career from a horoscope. This course is designed for people who has the fundamental knowledge about Vedic astrology and striving to become expert Vedic astrologer.

The hugely rewarding aspect of being an astrologer is enabling people to advance in life in a practical and meaningful way. Throughout this training course, you’ll learn to add massive value to people’s lives by helping them to read their birth chart to find inherent strengths and weaknesses and guide them in life.

Join your instructor, Muthu Vijayan Elango he is an astrologer and a certified life coach at Innovativeastrosolutions. He learnt astrology from his father Elango and has been practicing it for more than 18 years. After completing his Master’s degree in engineering from the College of Engineering Guindy a premier institute in India, he worked in a well-known MNC for a decade before he found his calling in astrology. He is passionate about sharing his astrological wisdom to the common man. He is one of the most popular writers on Quora pertaining to the topic of astrology.

Who this course is for:

  • If you have already taken the Instructor’s fundamental course on Vedic astrology

  • If you want to understand the concepts behind career predictions in Vedic astrology

  • If you want to learn the astrological combinations for 50+ modern careers with 120+ practical horoscopes

  • Confidently apply career Vedic astrological principles in your own birth chart

  • If you want to leverage astrological guidance to make the best career decisions in your life

  • If you want to take up astrology as a part-time career

  • If you want to become a full-time astrologer in the future

  • If you want to move from intermediate level to expert level in Vedic astrology

  • If you want to teach astrology to the budding astrologers

This course will provide you with the core skills you need to begin your journey as an astrologer right away. If you’re already an astrologer, it will help you enhance your current skills.

In this course, You will learn

  1. What are key houses and planets in predicting a career from a horoscope?

  2. Career representations by each Bhavas

  3. Career representations by each Zodiac signs

  4. Career representations by each Planet

  5. Myths about divisional charts

  6. Prediction of Government job, with 4 example horoscopes

  7. Prediction of Civil service job, with 4 example horoscope(TN Seshan, IFS – KR Narayanan, IPS – Kiran Bedi) +1

  8. Prediction of the political career as Ministers, 4 example horoscopes – Jawaharlal Nehru, John F. Kennedy, Margaret Thatcher(Former UK prime minister), Lee Kuan Yew(former Singapore prime minister)

  9. Prediction of Defence career, 3 example horoscopes – Sam Manekshaw, George Marshall, Donald Rumsfeld

  10. Prediction of Judicial career, 4 example horoscopes – Ambedkar, Ram Jethmalani, Brennan William J, Scalia Antonin

  11. Prediction of a Teaching career, 3 example horoscopes – Dr Radha Krishnan, Dr Maria Montessori+1

  12. Astrological analysis of Spiritual leaders, 4 example horoscopes – Swami Vivekananda, Paramahamsa Yogananda, Vedathiri Maharishi, Dalai Lama

  13. Astrological analysis of Philosophers, 4 example horoscopes – Jiddu Krishnamurti, Sri Ramakrishna, Jacques Derrida, Bertrand Russell

  14. Astrological analysis of Astrologers, 4 example horoscopes – B.V. Raman, Suryanarayana Rao, K. N. Rao +1

  15. Astrological analysis of Public speakers, 4 example horoscopes – C. N. Annadurai, Winston Churchill, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King

  16. Astrological analysis of Life coach, 1 example horoscope – Tony Robbins

  17. Acting career, 4 example horoscopes – Charlie Chaplin, Rajesh Khanna, Rajinikanth, Jackie Chan

  18. A writing career, 4 example horoscopes – William Shakespeare, Mark Twain, Leo Tolstoy, R. K. Narayan

  19. A career as a poet, 4 example horoscopes – Rabindranath Tagore, Kannadasan, T. S. Eliot, Bharathiyar

  20. Music composers, 4 example horoscopes – Ilaiyaraaja, Bach, R.D. Burman, Naushad Ali

  21. Singers, 4 example horoscopes – Lata Mangeskar, Balamurali Krishna, Mohammed Rafi, Elvis Presley

  22. Film directors, 4 example horoscopes – Satyajitrey, Orson Welles, Vittorio De Sica, William Wyler

  23. Dancers, 4 example horoscopes – Micheal Jackson, Fred Astaire, Balasaraswati, Sonal Mansingh

  24. Artistic Master – Leonardo da Vinci

  25. A career as Mechanical Engineer – 3 example horoscopes

  26. A career as a software engineer – 4 example horoscopes

  27. A career as a Civil engineer & Architect, 3 example horoscopes – Visvesharaiya, John A. Roebling, Gustave Eiffel

  28. A career as an Electrical and electronics engineer, 3 example horoscopes – Nikola Tesla, George Westinghouse, Thomas Alva Edison

  29. A career as a Scientist, 3 example horoscopes – Abdul kalam, Einstein, Marie Curie

  30. A career as a Data Scientist, 1 example horoscope

  31. A career as a Doctor – 2 example horoscopes

  32. Cardiologist – 1 example horoscope

  33. Ophthalmologist – 1 example horoscope

  34. Gastroenterologist – 1 example horoscope

  35. General Surgeon – 1 example horoscope

  36. ENT Specialist – 1 example horoscope

  37. Obstetrician and gynecologist – 1 example horoscope

  38. Psychiatrist – 1 example horoscope

  39. Psychologist/Therapist/Healers, 3 example horoscopes – Sigmund Freud, Carl Gustav Jung, William James

  40. Banking career – 3 example horoscopes

  41. Chartered accountant – 3 example horoscopes

  42. Economist – 3 example horoscopes

  43. Business analyst – 1 example horoscope

  44. Middle-level managers – 3 example horoscopes

  45. Human resource managers – 2 example horoscopes

  46. Entrepreneurs – 3 example horoscopes

  47. Sports Career – 3 example horoscopes

  48. Entertainment business – 1 example horoscope

  49. Textile business – 1 example horoscope

  50. Import/Export business – 1 example horoscope

  51. Agro Business – 1 example horoscope

  52. Food/Restaurant business – 1 example horoscope

  53. Fuel/Oil& Gas business – 1 example horoscope


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