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AZ-304 Microsoft Azure Architect Design Certification 2021

AZ-304 Microsoft Azure Architect Design Certification 2021

Price: $19.99

Complete preparation for the AZ-304 Microsoft Azure Architect Design Certification exam.

This practice exam course includes six timed practice tests in total. Each test has 50+ questions, for a total of 375 questions to see how well you’ve studied for the real exam.

Case study questions are included in these AZ-304 Microsoft Azure Architect Design Certification exams.

Every Questions has a DETAILED EXPLANATIONS that includes links to the official Microsoft documentation.


  • 375 PRACTICE QUESTIONS: 6 sets of Practice Exams and 3 case study available on Udemy to assess your exam readiness.

  • EXAM SIMULATION: All Practice Tests are timed and scored (passing score is 70%) mimicking the real exam environment

  • DETAILED EXPLANATIONS: Every question includes a detailed explanation that explains why each answer is correct or incorrect

  • PREMIUM-QUALITY: These practice questions are free from typos and technical errors which makes your learning experience much more pleasant

  • ALWAYS UP TO DATE: Our question bank is constantly updated based on student feedback from the real exam. New questions are added on a regular basis growing our pool of questions

  • ACTIVE Q&A FORUM: In this discussion board, students ask questions and share their recent exam experience offering feedback on which topics were covered.

  • RESPONSIVE SUPPORT: Our team of Azure experts respond to all of your questions, concerns or feedback.

  • Each question has detailed explanations at the end of each set that will help you gain a deeper understanding of the Azure services.

  • MOBILE-COMPATIBLE – so you can conveniently review everywhere, anytime with your smartphone!

  • Plus a 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if you’re not satisfied for any reason.

This practice test course covers every topic in Microsoft Azure Architect Design Certification curriculum:

Design Monitoring

  • Design for cost optimization

  • Design a solution for logging and monitoring

Design Identity and Security

  • Design authentication

  • Design authorization

  • Design governance

  • Design security for applications

Design Data Storage

  • Design a solution for databases

  • Design data integration

  • Select an appropriate storage account

Design Business Continuity

  • Design a solution for backup and recovery

  • Design for high availability

Design Infrastructure

  • Design a compute solution

  • Design a network solution

  • Design an application architecture

  • Design migrations


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