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AZ-304: Microsoft Azure Architect Design Practice Tests

AZ-304: Microsoft Azure Architect Design Practice Tests

Price: $34.99

Welcome to the AZ-304: Microsoft Azure Architect Design Practice Tests by Suresh M!

This practice test course contains 6 complete timed practice tests. Each test contains 50+ questions, that’s 310+ unique questions to test how well prepared you are for the real exam.

These AZ-304 Azure Architect Design exam practice tests also has 2 case studies.

This practice test course is designed to cover every topic, with a difficulty level like a real exam.

Every question has a detailed answer with the links back to the official Microsoft docs.

——————————————–Students Feedback————————————————

“Excellent study practice exams including an explanation for each answer. Would recommend for studying Microsoft Azure 304.”

“Excellent Questions to prepare for AZ-304. Thank you for great content which helped to learn & also gain certification.”

“Yes, its truly exam oriented and covers all required information to learn and understand with each questions.”

“Thanks for Practice tests. They are helpful in understanding the exam pattern and helped in successful completion of exam.”


This AZ-304 Azure Architect Design exam practice tests course offers the following features:

  • FULLY UPDATED TO THE NEW JAN 2021 exam version

  • 310+ TOP-NOTCH Questions





  • Prepared by an Azure Solutions Architect Expert

  • 30 Day Money back guarantee

  • LIFETIME access to these questions

These practice tests are designed and formatted just like the real exam questions. Unfortunately, we cannot create every type of question that appear in real exam due to limited type of questions we can offer. However, I tried my best to format questions like the real exam.

Microsoft’s AZ-304 Azure Architect Design exam is one of the way to prove that you have a deep and thorough understanding & experience in Microsoft Azure. As you may aware, employers always look for latest certifications in the resume while filing up vacancies. Getting the Azure Solutions Architect Expert certification is the ultimate proof of your expertise in Azure.

This practice test course covers every topic in AZ-304 Azure Architect Design exam curriculum:

Design Monitoring

*Design for cost optimization

*Design a solution for logging and monitoring

Design Identity and Security

*Design authentication

*Design authorization

*Design governance

*Design security for applications

Design Data Storage

*Design a solution for databases

*Design data integration

*Select an appropriate storage account

Design Business Continuity

*Design a solution for backup and recovery

*Design for high availability

Design Infrastructure

*Design a compute solution

*Design a network solution

*Design an application architecture

*Design migrations

I wish you all the best for your learning and exam. See you inside the course.

Please feel free to drop a message on LinkedIn if you have any queries.

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