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AZ-500: Microsoft Azure Security Technologies -UPDATED 2021

AZ-500: Microsoft Azure Security Technologies -UPDATED 2021

Price: $109.99

v 2.0 – April 2021

  • Added more quizzes across the course

  • Added newer test questions to the Practice Test section of the course

  • Refreshed videos on various chapters which includes the following

    • Role-based access control

    • Azure AD Privileged Identity Management

    • Conditional Access Policies

    • Azure Firewall

    • Azure Bastion

    • Point-to-Site and Site-to-Site VPN connections

    • Network Security Groups

    • Update Management

    • Security for Azure SQL databases – Includes Azure AD Authentication, Data masking , Always Encrypted feature

  • Added new videos which includes the following

    • Azure AD Roles – User and Password Administrator role

    • More chapters regarding aspects for Conditional Access policies

    • Azure AD Applications – Delegated permissions

    • Hub and Spoke Architecture using Azure Bastion, Azure Firewall and Azure VPN gateway

    • Working with various new aspects in Azure Security Center

    • Working with various new aspects in Azure Sentinel

    • Azure Key Vault – Using RBAC access policies

v 1.1 – August 2020

  • Updated contents of course as per changes in objectives – 29th July 2020

  • Added extra practice test questions

This course will make students be prepared to take on the following exam

Exam AZ-500: Microsoft Azure Security Technologies

All concepts covered in this course are aligned to the following Exam Objectives

  • Manage identity and access

  • Implement platform protection

  • Manage security operations

  • Secure data and applications

This course also has an entire section of practice questions to better prepare students to take the exam. There are labs that focus on various security aspects on Azure. This includes working with Azure AD, Protection for workloads on Azure that includes virtual machines, Azure SQL databases and Azure storage accounts.

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