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AZ-900 Azure Sure&Quick Success Complete Course-2 Full Exams

AZ-900 Azure Sure&Quick Success Complete Course-2 Full Exams

Price: $94.99

This fundamental course is targeted for the students to prepare and pass the Microsoft Azure AZ-900 fundamental certification. In addition, learn basics of Cloud computing. The course will help beginners learn about IT Architecture and Microsoft Azure.

Trusted by students across 100 plus countries, 100s of successful certifications, fastest growing AZ-900 certification course. There are real life success stories of getting certified in weeks after taking the course. Read thru the reviews for details.

There is no prerequisite to take the course. The course will help all IT professionals, IT Sales professionals, Business users, Students and anyone who wants to learn about cloud computing and Azure.

The course walks thru to show how cloud configurations screens looks like and evaluate difficulty level of making Cloud computing changes.

Some of the students review Comments and Messages:

  • Really concrete and solid course. Watched 3-4 course times for the exam and worked on the parts which I need more focus. Cleared the exam with ease. Thanks, Rajeev for developing this course. – Aroh Shukla

  • Passed in first attempt Rajeev and only using your course 🙂 Thanks – John B. Signed up 3/11 – Certified on 3/28

  • I’m happy to inform you that I have passed the exam! I huge thank you to yourself for providing the course material, it certainly was a huge decider to the result! – Jordan A.

  • Thanks a lot! It was really helpful for getting the certification. – Alejandro Ciallella

  • Between the course and the Microsoft education link in the course I was able to pass the AZ-900 test. Thanks! – Jeff Scholes

  • Information is very specific and straight to the point. – Cheryl R.

  • Awesome. Well structured outline – Sameera I.

  • Excellent course for beginners! A well-structured course which is explained in a simple and lucid way for beginners to get their concepts clear. A great way to certification! – Vikas Shah

Please see the breakup of the Course which is similar to the AZ-900 Certification requirement:-

  • Understand Cloud Concepts (15-20%)

  • Understand Core Azure Services (30-35%)

  • Understand Security, Privacy, Compliance, and

  • Trust (25-30%)Understand Azure Pricing and Support (25-30%)

The AZ-900 course is the FIRST STEP before you take any advanced Microsoft certifications such as

  • AZ-300 – Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies

  • AZ-301 – Microsoft Azure Architect Design

  • AZ-400 – Microsoft Azure DevOps Solutions

  • BETAAZ-500 – Microsoft Azure Security Technologies

  • 70-473 – Designing and Implementing Cloud Data Platform Solutions

  • 70-475 – Designing and Implementing Big Data Analytics Solutions

  • 70-487 – Developing Microsoft Azure and Web Services

  • 70-537 – Configuring and Operating a Hybrid Cloud with Microsoft Azure Stack


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