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AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals – Practice Exam Mar 2021

AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals – Practice Exam Mar 2021

Price: $19.99

Are you ready to pass the Azure AZ-900 | Microsoft Azure Fundamentals exam? Find out by testing yourself with this new offering on Udemy. Each of the 4 practice tests in this set provide an entire exam’s worth of questions, enabling you to confirm your mastery of the topics and providing you with the confidence you’ll need to take the exam.

The tests in this set are timed, so you’ll know when you’re taking more time than the official test allows, and at the end of the test you’ll receive a personal breakdown of the questions you answered correctly and incorrectly (DETAILED EXPLANATIONS) to improve your knowledge and make you more prepared to pass the actual exam.

Skills Measured

NOTE: Unless otherwise noted in the skills measured or in the exam description, exams do not cover preview features. In most cases, features will only be added to exams when they are GA (general availability).

  1. Describe Cloud Concepts (20-25%)

    • Identify the benefits and considerations of using cloud services

    • Describe the differences between categories of cloud services

    • Describe the differences between types of cloud computing

  2. Describe Core Azure Services (15-20%)

    • Describe the core Azure architectural components

    • Describe core resources available in Azure

  3. Describe core solutions and management tools on Azure (10-15%)

    • Describe core solutions available in Azure

    • Describe Azure management tools

  4. Describe general security and network security features (10-15%)

    • Describe Azure security features

    • Describe Azure network security

  5. Describe identity, governance, privacy, and compliance features (20- 25%)

    • Describe core Azure identity services

    • Describe Azure governance features

    • Describe privacy and compliance resources

  6. Describe Azure cost management and Service Level Agreements (10- 15%)

    • Describe methods for planning and managing costs

    • Describe Azure Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and service lifecycles

What’s included?

We’ve crafted this course to give you the knowledge and technique to pass the Azure AZ-900 | Microsoft Azure Fundamentals first time. Thousands of our students have trusted us, and our awesome pass rates show that we’ve not let them down. Thousands of our students have passed on their first attempt. Our Azure AZ-900 | Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Practice Exam course includes:

● DETAILED EXPLANATIONS: Every question includes a clear and detailed explanation for all correct and incorrect answers, to support your learning and help you build up your knowledge and confidence. If you’re new to AWS, you’ll learn everything quickly because we explain all the terms and technical concepts you need to know clearly and in detail.

● 100% EXAM COVERAGE: We continuously update our practice exams so that they always include 100% of the topics required for the AWS Cloud Practitioner exam. If you study all of our questions, you won’t need to read the white papers or any other material.

● TIMED QUESTIONS: Get the full real-life exam experience. You’ll be timed and scored exactly as you would in the real exam. You’ll be able to improve your exam time management and answering techniques, as well as your knowledge and confidence.

● RETAKE INDEFINITELY: You can retake our Cloud Practitioner practice exams as many times as you need.

● INSTRUCTOR SUPPORT: Got questions? No problem. We’ve got your back. The course includes friendly, responsive, expert support from our team of AWS certified architects.

● ACTIVE Q&A FORUM: You’ll join a lively online community where you can ask your trainers questions, get feedback, share your experiences and get hints and exam tips from students who’ve already passed the AWS Cloud Practitioner exam.

● LIFE-TIME ACCESS: You’ll get life-time access to the practice tests.

● MOBILE COMPATIBLE: Learn anywhere, anytime with our mobile-friendly practice tests. Simply download the Udemy app to learn on-the-go.

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