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Beat Procrastination Today: Time Management Masterclass

Beat Procrastination Today: Time Management Masterclass

Price: $89.99

Do you struggle with procrastination? Do you find it hard to really focus on the key tasks that you need to get done. Many people have similar issues and in this course you will get practical, step by step techniques that you can use to master your time and master your tasks. Your mind will play tricks on you to get out of doing work and you need to take back control so that you regain your momentum and become more successful.

In the course you will get:

  • Engaging 1:1 lessons that teach you in practical ways exactly what you need to know

  • A wipeboard lesson that teaches you an overview of the course and your journey of transformation

  • Activities for each section so you can practice what you have learnt and start achieving your goals

  • Downloadable worksheets that you can refer to for the key principles and practices of the main techniques

  • Demonstration lessons showing actual students from our community using these techniques and achieving their goals

  • An assignment at the end of the main lessons, in which you commit to creating good habits over a number of days

  • Access to myself at any time through the messaging feature of the platform

  • Encouragement from other students who are in the same ‘boat’ and working on the same challenges, just like you

  • Articles, resources and additional material to maximise your learning experience and ensure you achieve your goals.

  • Additional lessons and demos teaching more advanced insights about Kanban

Join me in this course and I will take you step by step through everything you need to know. I’ve coached my clients with these techniques and seen the benefits first hand. You will also meet 2 of my students in this course and see exactly how they burnt their boats and use Kanban to stay focused and be successful.


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