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Best Classic Books Everyone Should Read

Best Classic Books Everyone Should Read

Well, what makes a book actually ‘classic’?

Is it the longevity, literary, or popularity of the book that makes it classic? Some of the greatest books of time are labeled as classic as literary minds write them. These books come with some universal characters, themes, and amazing perspectives.

Everyone who loves to read the classic book knows who these books remain evergreen at all times. I hope you are the one who loves to read classic books, that is why you are here. This article covers the 10 best classic books everyone should read at least once in love. Let’s get to know a bit about these incredible picks!

1. To Kill a Mockingbird, by Harper Lee

This book of Harper Lee is one of those books everyone should read. Published in 1960, this classical book beautifully explains the human behavior and evergreen nature of conflicts. The humor presented by the author entwines the strands of love, hatred, prejudice, and hypocrisy in the best possible way. This book is a combination of the happier and darker side of the story. It discusses the issues of social injustice with an upcoming gentle story.

2. The Lord of the Rings, by J.R.R. Tolkien

While discussing classic books everyone should read in their lifetime, how can we forget to mention The Lord of the Rings. If you want to read about the fantasy world, this book will take you through the modern incarnation. This book explains the wonderful fantasy world filled with innocence, evil, heroes, and turmoil. As you start reading this book, you will experience another level of adventure that would be simply unbelievable in the beginning. It will take you to everything that you love about the genre, so why not give it a read today!


3. Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austen

If you have a good idea about English literature, then you must have listened to the name of Pride and Prejudice. This popular classic novel by Jane Austen illustrates social issues in a very different way. Austen was a genius mind who has written this book very thoughtfully. This book still shines just because of the mesmerizing way the story unfolds. This 19th-century literature reads like juicy and delicious gossip.

More than a love story, this book is a family comedy that teaches you a lot. This enchanting romantic story is a must-read book for everyone, no matter what your age is!


4. Things Fall Apart, by Chinua Achebe

Are you searching for the books everyone should read before they die? Yes? Then, straightforwardly add this book to your list! It is one of the most widely studied novels and is most loved by everyone because of its uniqueness, characters, and literary visions.  This book gives you a tour of the illuminating monuments of the African experience. It not only explains the pre-colonial life of African villages but also tells us the contemporary realities of that world. The literary vision and characters of this book make it unique.


5. Great Expectations by Charlen Dickens

This Charler Dickens’ novel gives you a flavor of the classic and literary world in a most inspiring way. This is a universally loved book because of the compassion for the poor and wacky characters discussion inside it. It tells the story of Pip, who was brought up by his mean sister and her humble husband. Pip’s life passed through different challenges, and his life course was changed because of the people he met in his life. From the beginning of his life till adulthood, Pip discovered this reality that great expectations of wealth cannot be the reason for your happiness.


6. The God of Small Things– Arundhati Roy

Let’s talk about another one of the intellectual books everyone should read!

The God of Small Things is a prize-winning book and is notable among other thousand classic books because of its non-linear storytelling and exceptional use of language. This Arundhati’s classic work is an ultimate combination of political drama, a family saga, and of course, a forbidden love story. It tells the story about twins girls whose world shakes by the arrival of their beautiful cousin.

7. Hamlet – William Shakespeare

The best classic books everyone should read list cannot be completed without adding a book of Shakespeare. Hamlet is one of Shakespeare’s most puzzling and popular plays that majorly revolves around the revenge tragedy. Give yourself a psychological thrill with this interesting book!

This is a twisted story about a Danish prince who planned to kill his uncle because he wanted revenge on his father’s murder. Prince acts to be mad, just for the sake of rising above suspicion. He can’t pretend long and loses the grip soon, so the line between fact and fiction becomes clearer.


8. 1984, by George Orwell.

George Orwell wrote this beautiful piece book more than 70 years ago. He wrote about the chilling prophecy related to the future. Shockingly, Orwell’s imagination of the future at that time was true to a much extent. As you read the book, you might feel it’s the worst scenario he has created, but sadly those all imaginations are much similar to today’s modern world. In this book, Orwell indirectly discussed social media, fake news, and face time. Isn’t it shocking? This classic book is a must-to-read by everyone!

9. Jane Eyre, by Charlotte Bronte

Written in 1847 by Charlotte, this novel is simply amazing. It is a story about one of the most fictional heroines of all time. Jane is a strong, determined, unbroken woman who was living a simple and troubled life. She knows her values and chooses not to give up in any case. She became the instructor of the children of handsome Rochester and then fell in love with him. The dark secrets of Rochester’s past put Jane in confusion. This is a timeless tale of mystery, romance, and heartbreak.

10. The Kite Runner, by Khaled Hosseini

Let’s head on to the last book of our list of classic books everyone should read. Khaled Hosseini tells the heartbreaking story of an odd friendship between a rich boy and his father’s servant son. This book is all about the power of reading, the power of friendship, and the price of betrayal. It is one in its own kind of classic literature that has changed the thinking of millions of readers.


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