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Blockchain for Business Leaders

Blockchain for Business Leaders

Price: $99.99

This course is designed by a certified Blockchain Architect and consultant to give business leaders a full picture of what Blockchain technology is (and what it isn’t), how it will impact their business or industry, and how they can take a strategic, low risk, approach to deriving value from this disruptive technology.

You will learn key concepts that enable Blockchain technology, what value Blockchain can bring to your business or industry, understand key challenges for Blockchain enterprise adoption, and, get a deeper understanding of what it takes to implement a Blockchain solution for your organization or industry.

Not only will you understand the basics of Blockchain and its use cases across various industries, You will also learn how to develop a roadmap and strategy for Blockchain adoption. We’ll give you some industry insight into what it takes to build Blockchain solutions, including the ideal team composition and technology stack choices for successful Blockchain project implementations.

You will also get bonus content imagining a future where Blockchain technology can work hand-in-hand with other emerging technologies like IoT and AI to bring a new kind of value to your organization.

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