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Build a Social Media Website with Velo by Wix Part 2

Build a Social Media Website with Velo by Wix Part 2

Price: $39.99

Do you have a million-dollar website idea but don’t have the technical skills to bring it to life? Or are you a seasoned website developer who has heard about Velo, and are interested to learn more about it? Then this course is for you!

This course will step you through the development of a social media website similar to Facebook or Twitter, to demonstrate the unparalleled power and rapid deployment capability of Velo. Mark Zuckerberg spent almost 3 months developing the initial version of Facebook. In this course you will develop a social media platform with functionality such as posting, commenting, liking, messaging and following – but you will develop it in only 20 hours, including full line by line explanation of the code as you go!

Why a social media platform? A social media platform represents an advanced and complex development problem which will require a wide range of coding skills useful to many other website applications. It is also an ambitious and exciting development project which showcases the capability and speed of Velo. While the objective of this course is to develop a social media platform, the lessons you will learn along the way will be applicable to many other use cases. This course covers site member operations such as log-in / log-out / verification / profile, data storage, manipulation, querying, filtering, sorting, calculation, reference fields and display using repeaters, user actions and inputs, triggered emails, lightbox pop-ups, API’s and much more.

This is an applied guide to Velo where you will learn how to build a fully functional website, from scratch, using code. The best way to learn is by way of practical example. Therefore, everything taught in this course will have a purpose or function behind it. This is not a course in programming theory and principles – but real-world application and functionality which you can take, adapt and apply to your own Wix based websites.

This course assumes you have a basic working knowledge of Velo for Wix. If you have never used Velo before, then please complete my free 3 part course titled “Velo for Wix” also available on Udemy.

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