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Building Better Relationships

Building Better Relationships

Price: $19.99

MODULE 1: About Positive Relationships

This module contains:

  • Forced Relationships

  • Influences in Forming and Building Relationships

  • Why we Need Positive Relationships

  • Identifying what you Need from Relationships

MODULE 2: Models of Behavior

This module contains:

  • The Betari Box

  • Strokes

  • Transactional Analysis and Ego States

  • The Three Parts of Communication

  • Assertiveness vs Responsiveness

MODULE 3: Building Rapport

This module contains:

  • What Is Rapport Building

  • 6 Tips for Establishing Rapport

  • 6 Tips for Building Rapport

MODULE 4: Increasing your Likeability Factor

This module contains:

  • Being Capable

  • Being Caring

  • Being Uplifting

  • How to Increase your Likeability Factor

  • Being Amiable

  • Being Dependable

MODULE 5: The Assertive Approach to Relationships

This module contains:

  • Saying No Nicely

  • The Three Step Approach to Assertive Behavior

  • The Assertive Approach

  • Understanding Different Behavior Types

  • The Need to Be Assertive

MODULE 6: Influencing Relationships

This module contains:

  • Difficult Relationships

  • Whats in it for Me? (WIIFM)

  • Power and Influencing

  • Dale Carnegie and Self Awareness

  • Dale Carnegie

MODULE 7: Openness, Disclosure and Feedback

This module contains:

  • Giving and Receiving Feedback

  • Trust and Respect

  • The Psychological Contract

  • What Is Disclosure?

  • The Johari Window

MODULE 8: Effective Networking

This module contains:

  • Reasons for Networking

  • The Benefits of Networking

  • Things to Remember With Networking

  • Simple Tips for Networking Meetings

  • Effective Business Networking

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