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Camtasia : Create ,Edit, and Produce Your Own Videos

Camtasia : Create ,Edit, and Produce Your Own Videos

Price: $94.99

At the End of this course you will learn how to edit videos and screencasts , then creating videos using Camtasia , you will be able to start from zero Camtasia knowledge to being a confident Camtasia user , you will learn :

  • How to get the clearest video possible

  • How to clean your audio from noise

Visual Effects

  • Device Frames

  • Remove a color

  • Visual Effects


  • Key Stroke Annotations

  • Sketch Motion Annotations

  • Special Annotations

  • Countdown project using annotations

  • Lines and Shapes Annotations

  • Interactive Hotspot



  • Animation in depth

  • Lower Third animation project


  • Behavior in depth

  • Typewriter effect project using Behaviors

Cursor Effects


  • Surveys and Quizzes

Captions and Narrations

Importing PowerPoint into Camtasia


Editing in Camtasia


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