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Certificate Program in Introduction to Microprocessors

Certificate Program in Introduction to Microprocessors

Price: $49.99

Why Learn Microprocessors?

Ever wondered about the impact “Smart Machines” have on businesses and employment? If this thought stirs you, you are at the right place!Think about self-driving cars, phones, washing machines or any device with built-in intelligence – what governs this intelligence? Microprocessors! When Intel introduced the Microprocessor commercially in 1971, its multiple uses and versatility were not foreseen. Today, the use of a processor is limited only by the engineer’s imagination.

Here’s a program that will kick-start your journey to becoming a good embedded systems engineer. We offer ‘Introduction to Microprocessors’ as the first in this series.

While you can learn about Microprocessors just about anywhere, we believe learning from an industry veteran will give you the preparation that is critical to succeed. Bhaskaran Srinivasan, a veteran of the embedded systems industry will be guiding you through this program.

Join us on this exciting journey as we explore how Microprocessors power smart machines. In the next few pages of the Learner’s Handbook, we will tell you more about the curriculum, duration, teaching methods and career options available to you after the completion of this program.

Learning Plan

You are expected to spend approximately 14 hours to go through the entire program. The breakup is as follows:

Activity Time Required (hrs.) Read Learner Handbook 1 Watch videos for all modules 5 Problem Solving (RELEASIN 5 Self-Assessment Exercises 3 Total 14

What Next?

Understanding the basics of Microprocessors is a fundamental requirement for a career in the world of Embedded Systems.

What more do you need to learn to become a truly competent Embedded Systems Engineer?

  1. The basics of Microcontrollers and ASICs
  2. The basics of Actuators and Sensors
  3. The basics of Real Time Operating Systems
  4. An appreciation for the applications of Embedded Systems in real life

Our promise is that competent faculty with the required industry experience will guide you through these programs. These set of programs should help you realize your career goals in an embedded systems domain.

All learners upon successful completion of Post course assessments shall be getting a verifiable e-certificate from Manipal Global Education which will be globally valid.


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