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Certified Training Professional

Certified Training Professional

Price: $89.99

You know your subject like the back of your hand, but do you know that training requires skills that can be acquired by practice. This course is for professions who are technically skilled or professionally skilled but want the additional fillip to become a ‘Certified Training Professional’. Essential learning nuggets that will help you connect with your learners. Methods to control your class with-out losing temper. This course will provide you with all the resources that can help you transform into a professional training specialist. It will also help you get the buy-in from stakeholders, estimate your training hours, determine the training needs, determine if there are behavioral changes or skill building required, document your efforts and build your professional profile.

The course will provide you with downloadable resources such as:

  • Mind-mapping template

  • Blended learning methods template

  • Base-line evaluation template

  • Training project planning template (GANTT Chart)

  • Training need analysis matrix

  • Lesson plan template

  • Training effort and delivery time calculator template

  • Reporting template

All these tools will equip you to become the most sought after training professional in your subject area.

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