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Change your clothes, change your life.

Change your clothes, change your life.

Price: $89.99

A good first impression, is a good reputation which leads to successful business deals and increase an entrepreneurs possibilities to build a strong networking, improve social skills and become more influential. A good first impression is achieved with a good outfit which creates a winning attitude. Based on enclothed cognition our clothes have an impact in our psychological processes, which means what we wear can influence our body posture, our emotional statement and our thinking. A suit can increase our nagiotizaotons skills, while a causal outfit can make us more creative.

My name is Linda Mata and I am a marketing graduate from the Panteion University of Athens, with experience in social media marketing and image making. In this courses you will learn why clothes have an impact in our body posture, emotional statement and logical thinking, what is enclothed cognition and neuroplasticity, how these things work together and influence our behaviour, mood and decision making and most important how you will change your entire mindset if you start dress with powerful outfits.

Change your clothes , change your mindset. A different lifestyle is a just another outfit away.


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