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Clinical Data Management: An overview

Clinical Data Management: An overview

Price: $79.99

This course provides an easy understanding of clinical data management and processes involved for generation of high quality clinical trials data that helps in faster commercialization of product

Learn Basics Of Clinical Data Management With This Comprehensive Course

Get familiar with Clinical data Management

Learn Phases & activities in CDM

Identify tools & roles in CDM

Master to manage clinical data by CDM activities

Clinical Data management is essential to the overall research function,as its key deliverable is the data to support the submission.

CDM has evolved in response to the ever-increasing demand from pharmaceutical companies to fast-track the drug development process and from the regulatory authorities to put the quality systems in place to ensure generation of high-quality data for accurate drug evaluation.

Contents and overview

This course is designed to introduce the concept of clinical data management and data management activities for beginners in healthcare industry covering 24 video lectures with 2 hours content & 2 end of module quizzes.

Section 1 starts with an overview of clinical data management,discussing what is clinical data management and regulations,standards implemented in CDM.

Section 2 outlines CDM process,data management plan and describe activities involved in different phases of data management.

Section 3 gives an overview of variable tools used in CDM and key members involved in CDM team with their responsibilities

At the end of the course,you will able to

  • Understand clinical data management and it’s role in clinical research
  • Describe activities involved in CDM process
  • Demonstrate functions of key members in CDM and variable tools available for CDM

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