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Complete IT Course For Startup Entrepreneur

Complete IT Course For Startup Entrepreneur

Price: $19.99

Welcome to “Learn everything you need to know about IT” Course. You don’t need NO IT background to understand the course content and you should have a complete understanding of IT system by the end of this course.

So in this course, you will learn to understand things that are related to IT as below topics and you will learn to build Mobile and Web Application from scratch;

1. Computer Software and Hardware, Operating System

2. Mobile and Web Application Development

3. Cloud Computing

4. Internet and how computers communicate and share information to one another

5. We browser that we use to search information on Internet (URL, HTTP, HTML)

6. Cyber Security and Different Types of Cyber Attacks

7. Search Engine and Search Index

8. Internet of Things

9. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

10. Bitcoin and Block Chain Technology

If you are absolute beginner or already in the tech industry, but need to advance your knowledge and understanding, this course is for you. So I hope to see you in the class. ^_^


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