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CompTIA Security+ Certification Preparation: CyberSecurity

CompTIA Security+ Certification Preparation: CyberSecurity

Price: $99.99

Course Description

CompTIA’s S+ certificate is globally recognized for validating foundational, vendor-neutral IT security knowledge and skills. Led by certified instructors, students gain essential knowledge of the principles for network security and risk management with competency in the following:

  • Organizational security
  • System security
  • Access controls
  • Network infrastructure

The S+ certification by CompTIA is an internationally recognized credential ensuring ground-level security proficiency as well as skills for organization and security professionals to provide information, infrastructure, application and operational security. These courses prepare the student for the CompTIA S+ Certification Exam SY0-401.

What You Will Learn

The curriculum for CompTIA’s S+ Certification Course begins with supplemental material covering pre-requisites to complete the SY0-401 exam course work. After a thorough breakdown of what Security and Information are, we discuss Attacks and Defenses as well as Information Security Careers and the Security+ Certification to give students a wealth of background knowledge before diving into Systems Threats and Risks. This section covers Software-Based Attacks as well as Hardware-Based Attacks and Attacks on Virtual Systems. Once an understanding of various attacks are developed, we look at Protecting Systems by Hardening The Operating System and Preventing Attacks That Target the Web Browser; studying Network Vulnerabilities, Categories of Attacks, Methods of Network Attacks, and Other Attacks and Frauds leads us to Network Security. In the Network Security section, students learn how to Craft a Secure Network and Apply Network Security Devices. Following similar study formats about Wireless Network Security and Access Control Fundamentals brings us to more practical subjects such as Authentication, Performing Vulnerability Assessments and Conducting Security Audits. We finish the course with comprehensive overviews of Cryptography, Business Continuity and, finally, Security Policies and Training. At the end of this course, a student walks away having had practical experience and comprehensive knowledge allowing confident execution of the CompTIA S+ SY0-401 exam.


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