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Continuous Integration & Delivery with Azure DevOps Service

Continuous Integration & Delivery with Azure DevOps Service

Price: $29.99

In this course Continuous Integration and Delivery(CI/CD) with Azure DevOps Service 2020, we will understand the complete workflow of

  • Continuous Integration,

  • Continuous Development,

  • Continuous Delivery,

  • Continuous Testing

Of applications in its complete software development lifecycle.

We will learn about the great new way to collaborate with the team to get the work done across the board using methodologies such as Scrum, Agile and Kanban boards.

We will also learn about all the service offering from Azure DevOps service in-depth details and their related workflow such as

  • Azure Board – Creating work items like Epics –> Features –> Stories –> Tasks/Bugs

  • Azure Repos – Importing Repos from local/GitHub or Azure Repos

  • Azure Pipelines – Working with Build pipelines/Release pipelines, Local agents and Hosted agents and Deployment groups

  • Azure Test plan – Creating automated tests with Selenium and looking at the report, along with manual test cases

  • Azure Artifacts – Creating your own NPM or Nuget package manager within your project for your organization.

  • Continuous Test – Writing BDD Specflow scenario in .NET Core and checking reports in the Release pipeline

  • Historical Test Report – Understand how to get the complete analytical historical Test report with Azure DevOps

  • Hands-on Labs – Labs to working with

    • Local Jenkins and configuration

    • Service connections

    • Automatic triggers

    • Service hooks

    • 3rd party application integration

This is the first-ever course on the internet covering all the aspects of Azure DevOps Service 2020 in so many details in it. This course is not just for DevOps, but it’s more towards QA, Test Engineers, Developers and anyone who is interested in cutting edge CI/CD pipeline

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