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CRISC Certified Risk Information Management System Exam

CRISC Certified Risk Information Management System Exam

Price: $94.99

Sample Questions

Q) Which of the following is the most important reason for the maintenance of key risk indicators (the crisis)?

a) In order to avoid the risk

b) Complex measures require adjustments thin

c) Reports risks must be on time

d) Threats and vulnerabilities change over time

e) None

Q) You are the project manager for HGT projects recently completed the final process of compilation. Project customer signed a project is completed and you have to do some administrative measures to close. In the project there are several major risks that could ruin the project, but you and your project team have found new ways to address the risks, without affecting the value of the project or the date of completion of the project. What will you do with the risk of the answers that you have identified in the course of the project monitoring and control process?

a) Include the answers in terms of project management.

b) They include risk response in the RMP.

c) They include risk response in the database organization exercises.

d) Nothing. Risk answers is part of the project risk register that.

e) None

Q) You are the project manager for the project GHT. You have identified a risk event in the project, which could save $ 100,000 in the cost of the project, if it occurs. Which of the following statements best describes this risk event? a) This event risks must be maintained, to take advantage of economies.

b) This risk event that should be taken, because the benefits outweigh the risk to the project.

c) This risk event should be avoided in order to take full advantage of the potential savings.

d) This risk event is an opportunity for the project and should be used.

e) None

Q) You are a project manager for a large construction project. This project will last for 18 months, and will cost $ 750,000 to complete. You work with the project team, experts and stakeholders in order to identify risks in the project before the project starts. Management wants to know why you have planned so many meetings identifying risks throughout the project, not just at the beginning of the design phase. What is the best reason for the dual sessions identify the risks? multiple-choice

a) Iterative meeting of all interested parties to participate in the process of identifying risks throughout the project phases.

b) Iterative meetings allow the project manager to discuss the risk of events that took place this project, and it has not happened.

c) Iterative meetings enable project managers and participants to identify risks in order to detect newly identified risk events throughout the project.

d) Iterative meetings allow the project manager to communicate desired risk events during the project.

e) None

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