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Cyber Scam Prevention

Cyber Scam Prevention

Price: $19.99

What is the Cyber Scam Prevention Course?


The Cyber Scam Prevention Course is a manual designed to educate and train individuals who may fall victim to fake emails, calls, text messages, giveaways and websites created by cyber-criminals looking to steal money and valuable information.

During the course you will be shown concrete examples of the many scams you might encounter with recordings and videos to help you identify what they will look like in reality. Once you have an understanding of how these scams appear, we will show you which red flags to be aware of with notes so you can identify fraudsters like an expert.

Lastly, you will have the option to take quizzes to test what you’ve retained, and to confirm that you are ready to identify a real scam when you are presented with one.


Who is this course for?

This course is for anybody that would like a better understanding of modern online scams, or would like to protect themselves from getting scammed in the future.


What will you learn?

– Robo Calling Scams

– IRS Scams

– Phishing Scams

– Text Message Scams

– Tech Support Scams

– Video App Scams

– Business Scams

– Charity Scams

– Social Media Scams

– Romance Scams

– Medicare Scams

– Prescription Scams

– Family & Friends Scams

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