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Dash for Beginners

Dash for Beginners

Price: $89.99

Hi! Welcome to the course “Dash for beginners!”

I am Janika, your guide throughout this course.

At first sight, Dash might just seem like a simple toy, but in reality it is a very smart robot.

If you haven’t programmed it yet, it may happen that Dash will try to get your attention by shouting friendly or scurrying across the floor.

Dash can see, hear, drive around, show colors, play music, and you can direct it with a remote control as if it was a RC toy car or with programs like any other robot.

To start with Dash, you don’t need to know anything about robots or programming. And yet you might turn out liking programming so much that you would spend all your spare time programming Dash.

The course consists of six main parts: we start by unpacking Dash and controlling it using its intuitive app. The next four parts are about the controlling and programming apps. Finally, we will find out what kind of accessories there are available for Dash and will create some little cool games for Dash together.

See you at the course!

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