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Digital Marketing Course for  Beginners – Learn from home

Digital Marketing Course for Beginners – Learn from home

Price: $19.99

In this course your will learn about Digital Marketing,

The different types of Digital

Content Marketing

Email Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Search Engine Optimizatoin

Pay Per Click Advertising ( PPC )

Affiliate Marketing

Referral Marketing

Radio Marketing

Television Marketing

Mobile Marketing

Influencer Marketing and Influencer Marketing Strategies

Leads and Leads Generation Strategy

Digital Marketing Strategies

Digital Marketing for Small Business

Different Social Media Networks for Digital Marketing – Facebook, Youtube, Linkedin, Twitter

Different Digital Marketing Tools like Hubspot, Mailchimp Etc

Google Platform Tools- Google Analytics – Google Adwords

Importance of Keywords and Keyword Research.

Facebook Stories

You will get a brief overview of the different tools used by professional experts in Digital Marketing,

Insider Tips about Strategies

Different Youtube Video themes for marketing of product and services.

Strategies to capture email leads

This course is also meant for

Entrepreneurs who want to market their product and services.

This Digital Marketing course will also help you get more business leads and convert them to more sales.

Also by the end of the course you will receive your “Digital Marketing” certificate so you can use it on your resume

You can use always connect with me in the social media links given below for career guidance.

The skills you will acquire should help you:

Grow your business

Land a Job in digital marketing or a similar field

Develop your own marketing strategies and master the digital marketing tools

… and much much more!

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