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Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement: Advanced developer Topics

Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement: Advanced developer Topics

Price: $24.99

This course will teach you how you can customize your Dynamics 365 CRM application beyond basic UI customization.

A must to have course for developers who want to polish their development skills on Dynamics 365 CRM. In the industry for every 1 functional consultant you need 5 developers. With the introduction of Dynamics 365, the need for Customer Engagement( CRM) developers have increased multif-fold. So companies need more trained developers who knows the development basics and methodologies well.

Start from the architecture of Dynamics CRM you will learn how to crate web resources, implement javascript event handlers for form events, develop plug-ins to implement custom and complex business logic, extending workflows using custom code( custom workflow activities), custom .NET application integrate with Dynamics 365 etc. You will learn all the major development topics.

Course Contents:

  • Introduction to Extending Dynamics 365

  • Understanding Web Resources

  • Jscript for Form Event Programming

  • Develop Plug-ins

  • Develop Custom Workflow activities

  • Customize CRM Ribbons and Sitemap

  • Develop Reports using Report Wizard and SSRS.

  • Tools for Extending – Plugin Registration, SiteMap Editor


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