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Essentials of Smart Building Technology

Essentials of Smart Building Technology

Price: $49.99

How best to tell the story of Smart Buildings than through the most familiar of building typologies?

We all cherish our home experience. But how do we make our homes an integral part of our Jetson Lifestyle?

  1. The first part of the course explored the possibilities with Smart Buildings. Lots of innovations were uncovered, leveraging the Foundational Framework of Smart Building Technology. Stories that reshaped history were told…

  2. Beyond the possibilities with Smart Building Technology, it takes a collaborative and innovative delivery vehicle – that is the focus of the second part of the course. Lots of digital transformation and trends were explored interactively.

  3. The third part of the course put the first two parts into the application. It started by exploring the peculiarities of Smart Home delivery in African Cities. It ended by offering a business perspective to Smart Home delivery.


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