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Ever Wondered Why Your Scholarship Application Gets No Response? Here Are Possible Reasons For Scholarship Application Rejection

Ever Wondered Why Your Scholarship Application Gets No Response? Here Are Possible Reasons For Scholarship Application Rejection

Indeed there are many scholarships available to students that are interested in studying abroad. It it will interest you to know that while many might be aware of this and have tried to apply, only very few have received positive responses.

These scholarships are ways that some universities, organizations, and companies use in helping students of high performance that may not be able to further their education.

With the scholarship, they can pay for their college, but many students fail to understand that the competition is tough for colleges abroad.

Especially if you’re applying to the top schools to which dozens if not hundreds and thousands of other students are also applying.

Do not forget that for you to be eligible for any scholarship be it national or international, there are certain criteria that you must meet. This simply means that you must have an ACT score of at least 31 or SAT scores of at least 1430, you must be in the top 5% of their high school classes and have a GPA of 3.8 or above.

Here are Possible Reasons Why Your Scholarship Applications Gets No Response Or Are Rejected

There are reasons why many scholarship applications are rejected, and we will be explaining some possible reasons why most students never get scholarships and how to make sure it doesn’t happen to you!

1. Wrong Spelling And Wrong Grammar

Wrong spelling and wrong grammar presentation in the process of your scholarship application can make your scholarship application to be rejected without you knowing the cause.

Some committee will put your scholarship application on the rejected file if it has just one spelling error.

All your grammars need to be perfectly placed at the right places, this shows that your language ability excellent.

2. Incomplete Application

Most scholarship forms are very lengthy, as such, it requires extreme carefulness when filling it. school scholarship applications may require details of every last thing you did in school, some applications request enough information for you to write an autobiography, some even go to the extent of asking of all the details of your family’s financial background.

Most times this can be tedious but you have to make sure you provide all the info they want in an orderly manner before submitting your application to avoid rejection, if not expect a rejected application.

3. You have been scammed

Considering how you see lots of scholarship opportunities online we should have it in mind that they are not all real. And you may even mistake one of those fake scholarship adverts as the real one and proceed to register, with such application you will agree with me that you have been scammed without your knowledge.

Yes, you didn’t get the scholarship because it never really existed. Beware of online sites offering ‘guaranteed’ scholarships for a small fee, or organization, agencies that want your bank details or money in advance, no real scholarship will providers will ask you to pay money or ask for your bank details. Be wise and do your research properly before applying.

4. Wrong Contact Details

As common as this may seem, wrong contact details in your scholarship application can cause you a lot of harm in making your application to be rejected.

When contact details provided in the cause of your application are incorrect, you simply deprive yourself of any chances of success indirectly without your knowledge.

For you to prevent your scholarship from being rejected, always proofread, double-check your email, phone, Skype name, postal address etc. before submitting your application.

5. Low GPA

About 90% of universities abroad consider a GPA of 3.5 to be the minimum that will get you past the first hurdle of the scholarship application. Anything that is lower than that is considered to be a low GPA.

This simply means that you can’t study abroad if you have a low GPA. But if you have a high GPA then inputting every other detail correctly you may just be considered without stress.

6. Not Being Eligible

Every scholarship has the eligibility section which is an important part of every scholarship scheme. As an applicant, you are meant to check the eligibility section before proceeding to the application proper.

Ignoring it means you will never get to know whether your qualification, average grades or country of origin are eligible to take part in the competition. So it is advisable for you to go through all instructions before applying.

7. Not Meeting Up The Deadline

Every scholarship has a different deadline, but if you guess that all scholarships have the same deadline, then you have missed out. Once that particular scholarship deadline elapses, it’s over.

And, if you do submit your application late, many organizations may not even go through your application, for your scholarship application to be considered then you need to apply early, if not you will definitely get a rejected application.

8. Not Presenting a Recommendation Letter

Most scholarship providers will need you to provide at least one letter of recommendation, either from your high school teacher, principal or someone you have worked for.

A letter of recommendation is very important and can hasten your scholarship in being accepted, It’s always better to have it written by a teacher that knows you very well.

And they can explain to the admissions committee just what makes you unique and special enough to be admitted.

Now you know the possible reasons why Scholarship Applications are rejected, learn from it and prepare yourself ahead.





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