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Exam MS-700: Managing Microsoft Teams Questions & Answers

Exam MS-700: Managing Microsoft Teams Questions & Answers

Price: $24.99

Preparing for Exam MS-700: Managing Microsoft Teams? Great, I’m here to help you pass it EASILY!

I collected 94 questions that most frequently appeared on latest Exam MS-700: Managing Microsoft.

For every question, I provided exactly the same possible answers that you’ll have on the real exam, and the correct answer(s). Also I added explanation on why that answer is correct, and this is for those who want to learn more. Explanation is either textual, or link to the relevant page on which you can see why that particular answer is correct, or both.

I collected these questions while I was preparing myself for Exam MS-700: Managing Microsoft Teams. Literally I only knew answers to these, and I passed from the first try.

Here are some of my experiences from when I took the exam:

  • On Exam MS-700: Managing Microsoft Teams, there were 48 questions

  • I had 3 hours to finish (finished in 1.5 hours)

  • I needed 700 points to pass (had 843)

  • Exam costs $165 USD (September 2020.), but price may vary if you are not from the USA.

  • I had yes/no questions, single choice, multiple choice and scenario questions (exactly the same ones as I’m giving you in this course)

At the end of the course, you’ll have two MS-700 practice tests to check your knowledge!

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