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Expert Tips to Help You Become a Successful Forensic CSI

Expert Tips to Help You Become a Successful Forensic CSI

Price: $24.99


This course is a resource for you and your forensic career. The goal is for you to discover if you have what it takes to become a successful candidate for a crime scene investigator job…and learn from forensic experts the secrets to becoming that sought after forensic job candidate!

Have you ever asked yourself……

Where do I get experience if I don’t have a forensic job?

Where can I get the forensic training required for the job I’m applying to?

I have a degree, but I still don’t get hired. Do I have the right degree?

Do I have the right stuff–personality, professional qualities–to make it as a CSI?

The answers can be found in this course!

Learn the secrets forensic experts say are the MOST important for students to have to be considered as THE PERFECT PERSON FOR THE JOB…….

Expert Tips to Help You Become a Crime Scene Investigator is a resource course that helps you get on track to becoming the ‘right fit’ for a CSI job. This entire course has been built with you in mind… to get you from student to CSI professional.

Course Features

  • digestible pieces of information to simplify what hiring agencies are looking for in the ‘perfect’ candidate

  • downloadable guides to help understand what a CSI does in a ‘typical’ day–and no, it’s not like what is seen on tv

  • discover the ideal traits to have to be seen as a ‘the perfect person’ for the CSI job

  • ‘how to’ processing of a specific crime scene

  • difference between first responders and crime scene investigators

Learn 3 different ways to increase the chances of getting hired as a crime scene investigator.

You MUST have the RIGHT education!

You MUST have the RIGHT training!

You MUST be the RIGHT person for the job!

At the end of this course you will have:

  • A game plan of the type of college classes and degree you will need to take to be considered as a crime scene investigator–SAVING $$ by taking the right classes and reducing your frustration because you DIDN’T take the right classes the first time!

  • Checklist of professional organizations for forensic professionals. Belonging to these organizations will provide the PROFESSIONAL PROOF you need to show hiring agencies you are a SERIOUS forensic job candidate.

  • A step-by-step processing guide of how crime scene investigators process a scene. This guide is a VALUABLE resource that can be used as supplemental material to forensic or criminal justice courses already taken, about to take, or thinking about taking.

  • Forensic Training Vocabulary Worksheet offers terms and definitions of the most commonly found terminology found on reports and vocabulary used during investigations. Knowing the common terms will boost your CONFIDENCE when participating in conversations with forensic professionals.

What is the target audience?

  • Expert Tips to Help You Become a Crime Scene Investigator has been created for anyone interested in becoming a crime scene investigator. The course delivers tips from forensic experts who have mentored students interested in becoming a forensic professional.

  • Students who have applied to positions– and have been rejected– or have wondered “what was wrong with my application” –may discover why their application wasn’t accepted.


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