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Getting Job Ready

Getting Job Ready

Price: Free

When you’re competing for jobs, employability is a key factor. You have to be job ready with the hard and soft skills employers want. Even if you have been in the workplace for some time and are looking for a change or advancement at your current company, having the right foundational skills and being able to demonstrate job readiness could be the factor that makes you stand out from the other applicants.

Job readiness is essentially having the skills and capabilities that an employer is seeking so you can step into a job with little or no support. However, being job ready means different things to different employers. Some will focus on previous experience, while others will look for specific skill-sets or certifications. Whatever the criteria, you need to be prepared.

Getting Job ready course helps the learner to understand the whole job process. It helps the learner to find a job. This course is nothing but the A B C D of Finding a Job. In this course, the learner will understand some basic key terms that are mostly used while searching for a job, how to prepare for a job & how to handle a job interview.

The following Points are mainly covered in the course:

1.basic job-related terminologies

2.Self-analysis before applying for the job

3.Find Suitable job

4.Important Skills Required for job

5.Preparation for a Job interview

6.Tips to write a resume.

7.importance of Online presence in the job


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