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God and Science

God and Science

Price: Free

Christianity and science have had a long and fruitful association for years. From it’s inception, modern science as understood today, was incubated and hatched in the monasteries of late middle ages and in the reformed countries of western europe after the reformation. The founding fathers of the ‘Scientific Revolution’ were themselves Christians and were deeply committed to their faith and had a clear approach to science based on Christian teaching and philosophy derived from the Holy Bible.

Recently, there has been an attack on the Church from Atheists who claim that God and Science are at odds and cannot co-exist. Such atheists have been debated by multiple Christian scientists and philosophers who have repeatedly shown the superiority of Christianity in dealing with science as opposed to Atheism.

In this course, the evidence for God and the testimony of scientists down through the centuries show how the atheists are wrong and why. I have also added a section on answering atheist objections, to arm you and help you to defend the ‘faith once for all handed down to us’.

May God bless you, strengthen you and use you for his glory.

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