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How To Co-Create A New Earth Shining With Magic & Wonder

How To Co-Create A New Earth Shining With Magic & Wonder

Price: $94.99

Learn how to be an influential Dreamweaver, involved in envisioning and co-creating a Sacred New Earth, with the emerging Conscious Collective Tribe around the world. Learn to embody this resilience as a powerful counter narrative to any emerging attempt of a ‘New World Order’, which may be based on repressive control systems, such as Global Governance and Technocracy.

Learn about the importance of Conscious Community living in a harmonious synergy with our Living Earth.

This is the time of the Great Awakening when many of us who are becoming increasingly aware of the Sacred Power that is available to us. We can choose right now, to co-create a beautiful New Earth together, thriving in the Natural Abundance that Mother Nature lovingly provides for us.

We can learn to grow our own food, surrounded by Food Forests, so that we can simply pluck fruit from the trees that grow all around us.

We can redesign buildings built on the principles of Sacred Architecture, that work with the subtle energies that flow through the Earth and from the Cosmos, in a way that listens to, and gives back to the land.

Now is the time to rise up in and reclaim our Sovereignty as free, fully empowered human beings that come together to join forces as the Conscious Collective. We say no to world of Surveillance controlling every aspect of our lives, and yes to unbridled Freedom. We shall live in a way of Syncronistical flow with Deep Reverence and Trust for, (and as) the Divine Creatrix of our Universe.

We say no to the New Normal, and yes to the New Earth, made up of the Multi-Dimensional Reality of life, which honours the Sacred at its heart.

This is not the first time that the timeline has split within humanity between Magic and Technology. It happened as the age of Atlantis rose up from the incredibly Spiritually evolved age of Lemuria. Eventually its obsession with technology led to a depart from the reverence of nature, and its ultimate demise by falling into the sea, in the cataclysm of the Great Flood.

It is important that we do not repeat history, and that this crossroads that we, as humanity finds itself at, signals the dawning of the return of the Wizards and Witches, and the Magical way of life.

Our world which is full of incredible advances in technology must be counter balanced by the deep wisdom of the Sacred Dimension.

Now is the time to honour and activate the Divine Feminine in her fullness.

Learn how to make the steps you need in order to take your place right here, right now on our sacred, magical and beautiful New Earth…

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