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How to Learn Smarter, Memorize More & Read Faster

How to Learn Smarter, Memorize More & Read Faster

Price: $79.99

What if I told you that the way you learn is wrong?…

It’s a sad statement if you think about it.

The formal education system forces us to learn tons of information without ever teaching us one ESSENTIAL skill: Learning how to learn.

Ever since I began my journey of building a life worth living I was confronted with mountains and mountains of information coming my way and I did not have a SINGLE clue on how I could even get started or let alone memorize everything…

This is where the fire sparked. I had to find a way out, a way to memorize more, read faster and do it in less time.

At first I thought this was impossible… Guess what, it’s not. This is an art. Learning how to Learn is something you can study, something you can learn.

It’s a skill.

If you’re looking to take your life to the next level or learn a new skill in record time, look no further. It all starts with knowing how to learn.

This is the origin of everything.

This course will teach you the 20% of things that are going to give you 80% of the results in everything that you do. No need to overwhelm you with mountains of useless information. Let’s deconstruct it to the smallest piece and build up from there…

Ask yourself, do you feel empowered when learning new skills or do you feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin? Most people don’t know where to begin.

The best investment you can ever make is an investment in your own skills…

Every single one of the world’s TOP performers are masters at what they do. Masters at their skills. Masters at their craft.

Did they get there by luck? Or talent? Maybe. But that doesn’t help us any further now does it?

What if we were to deconstruct what they do, how they learn, how they retain information and taught it to ourselves?

There is one reoccurring theme in almost all of the top performers in the world: They read books. And the cream of the crop read 1 book a day.

Now, before you think to yourself that you don’t have the time, stick with this, this is the problem we’ll be fixing.

Let’s be honest here for a second, we don’t have the time to spend 8 hours+ just to read books in our days like Warren Buffet…

Let’s focus on the 20% that will get us 80% of the results.

What if we were able to get the most ESSENTIAL information out of books and be able to do it in just 15 minutes a day?

Sounds crazy, I know. But it sure as hell is possible. And this is what this course is built around.


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