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How To Prepare For Banking Exams?

How To Prepare For Banking Exams?

State bank of India accepts applications for the requirement all over the nation. Banking exams are conducted to select qualified employees for various positions. Generally, banking exams are conducted in three stages for the requirement. The stages include preliminary exams, main exams, and interviews. The aspirant, candidates willing to secure a job at banks, can find help on this page about preparation tips.


Preparation tips for banking exam

Proper planning about the exam

First, get to know about the syllabus and pattern of the exam. The patterns and modes of the exam may differ from one bank to another. Following the examination notifications, you may find details about when to apply and how to apply from the notification. Stay conscious and aware of the final dates for every process of examination. Plan your learning according to the syllabus and pattern. To get a clear knowledge of the pattern, bank exam mock test plan will be a great option for preparing.

Make a timetable for study

Once you have complete knowledge about the pattern, try covering it within a schedule of time table. Manage your time for every topic based on your mock test performance. Sections with high weightage have to be allotted more time. You must follow your timetable pattern without distraction. It would help if you allowed an equal time of an hour to all sections at the initial preparation stage. Make a note of times for mock tests of the previous year question paper. After a few weeks analysis your strong and weak areas and reframe the timetable accordingly.

Complete the syllabus topic wise

You have various topics under each section. Complete the section topic wise. List the topics at first from the low hard level to the hard level topic. Once you are done with easy topics, you may focus on a hard level. This method of topic wise learning helps you in remembering the questions. You can easily understand the question format on every topic.

Learn through online sources

After the initial preparation with the source of your material, go for an online source. The online source is the best place to test analysis your capability on each section. Online learning helps in maintaining track of your performance. Online sources teach you new tricks and shortcuts for harder parts. You can find more materials for the general knowledge and computer knowledge sections. Online training helps you to achieve time management.

Practice more

Don’t compress your learning time after completing the syllabus. It would be best to practice more with the online resource and practice the updated content through the online mock test. You have to track your accuracy and time while practicing problems, and tracking helps you judge your learning effectiveness.


You have to revise the whole syllabus after every week, and this helps in updating new concepts. Whenever you revise, you can bring a new strategy. Make sure that you have a complete focus on the concept while you revise. Avoid revising with a mixed question back revise the concepts of topics.

Bottom line:

Applying for the exam is just the initial step. You have to practice sbi po mock test to crack the exam on your first try.












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