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How To Program Arduino for SCADA HMI Communications via OPC

How To Program Arduino for SCADA HMI Communications via OPC

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Price: $19.99

The Arduino is being used more and more every day for small scale SCADA and Automation projects, due to it’s low cost and ease of connecting with various types of I/O devices. In many projects there is a need to connect the controller to a SCADA Human Machine Interface (HMI) application for the purposes of data visualization.

OPC has become the essential de-facto standard for HMI communications with controllers from different vendors. It becomes quite useful, therefore, for an Arduino to be able to communicate with a SCADA HMI application via OPC.

That is what this course teaches you to do!

In this course, you will learn …

1. How to download and install a FREE OPC server designed for the Arduino.

2. How to program the Arduino so that it is able to communicate with an OPC server via serial and network media.

3. How to use a simple OPC client to test OPC communication with the Arduino via the OPC server.

4. How to configure a simple SCADA HMI to read data from and write data to the Arduino via OPC.

The course has ready-to-go code that you can download as well as detailed wiring diagrams that you can use to build your own automation projects.

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