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I Am Happy – Transformational Happiness Project.

I Am Happy – Transformational Happiness Project.

Price: $49.99

Why is Happiness so important right now?

We are going through life with so much pain, loneliness, suffering and avoidance to look inside. We tend to see happiness as a future moment – when we can afford a bigger house, when we can buy a new car, when we find the perfect partner, when the children grow up, when we retire.

Have you noticed that when you achieved your goals – the better job, the bigger house, the new partner – there is always something more for you to set your heart on? It seems that no matter what we achieve, fulfilment is always beyond our grasp, we can experience happiness for a period of time but then go back to our original state.

We are left unsatisfied, unfulfilled, a feeling that something missing inside – a gap. And this gap we only can find inside ourselves.

Happiness is our true nature and state of being, however many of us keep searching outside.

I grew up a very unhappy child. I was traumatised at the age of 7 which left me with deep wounds and sadness in my heart.

I do not remember any happy memories from my childhood at all as my parents were fighting all the time. My mother was often crying because they did not have enough money and my father was mostly drunk.

Later, I found out that I was unwanted child. This came out later in my life in the form of self-rejection, non-acceptance, a feeling of not wanting to be here and a deep inner emptiness.

I really wanted to be happy and I kept searching outside, thinking that someone will come and save me or I will find a perfect partner who would make me happy.

Even after I achieved some things externally which made me feel satisfied in the short term, I still felt a gap and inner emptiness – a feeling that something is missing.

Only after years of suffering I realised that true happiness can only be achieved through self-discovery, by going inside and reconnecting with yourself. Facing and healing your deeper wounds and filling that missing gap with self-love and forgiveness.

This Happiness Project is based on the principle: finding your true self and connecting to your light within where you experience continuous joy, peace, freedom and fulfillment.

This Happiness course offer practical tools and exercises that will help you to rewire your mind and find happiness from within. It consists of short videos, reading materials, meditations and daily actions. It only takes 20-30 min per day to do the practice.

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