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Identity and Access Management : Forgerock OpenAM [Part 1]

Identity and Access Management : Forgerock OpenAM [Part 1]

Price: $29.99

This course is designed for those candidates who are looking for OpenAM training. OpenAM is an opensource access management, entitlements and federation server platform.Since apart from forgerock documentation there is no resource available either on youtube or in any other blog, so it’s hard for the candidate to learn this tool end to end.

Many of you had already enrolled to our OpenIDM training and requested us to provide OpenAM training course as well.So keeping your request in mind, we had worked hard and created this course on OpenAM in layman approach for you.

Here the key things which you learn in this first part of the course is

  • Understanding Basic on Access Management

  • Basics of Authentication and Authorization

  • Security Features like Realm

  • Setting up the custom realm as per industry need

  • Understanding Setting up OpenAM

  • Various mechanism to configure OpenAM

  • OpenAM Embedded store and root realm

  • Directory Server Basics

  • Setting up External Directory Server

  • Configuring external identity Store with openam custom realm

  • Performing Basic authentication on different business users and realms

  • Many more…

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