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Improve your working habits in no time

Improve your working habits in no time

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Price: $19.99

A small change in your work habits can make a huge meaning for your work productivity.

You don´t need to change your whole life, you can just start using few of these habits and your productivity gets into a next level.

Choose the ones of this courses 39 few minute tips that will suit you best.

Every lesson contains of 3-6 tips and they are partly options to each others. For example you will learn different methods to keep a to-do list.

If you want to get better results at work, this is the course where to start. Easy, fast and still making a big influence.

The teacher in not a native english speaker but can be well understood. Materials contain text at the same time when spoken.

If you want to see the teachers talking head in finnish, go and find the course named Kaaos kuriin at Udemy.

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