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Introduction to Emotional Intelligence

Introduction to Emotional Intelligence

Price: $79.99

Emotional intelligence contributes to 80% of our success in life and its a skill that each one of us MUST have. This engaging course will focus on the fundamental knowledge and practical skills on Emotional Intelligence to help you manage your emotions rather than letting the emotion manage you when you encounter situations, circumstances or working with people and help you manage your behavior.

We experience different types of emotions at varying levels of intensity on any given day. Yet there is lack of emotional awareness which means most of us are unable to identify, comprehend or manage our own emotions. If you purpose to gain the techniques of Emotional Intelligence you become a better person when interacting with others professionally and even socially.

The good news is that Emotional Intelligence unlike IQ is a skill that is trainable and thus can be acquired. It is a flexible skill which can be improved through learning and practice. all it requires is regular and consistent cultivation and maintenance. The course will be supported by case studies and exercises to demonstrate why Emotional Intelligence is an essential skill that each one of us must have for personal and professional development.

This course has been designed for all individuals who want to develop their emotional intelligence skills to better understand themselves and others. The course is also designed for those who want to improve their career through developing and improving their Emotional Intelligence

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