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Introduction to Service Management

Introduction to Service Management

Price: $49.99

Service Management – Introduction

Accredited Course, Helps you get acquainted and become an infomed member of your IT / Service Management environment.

This introduction course is a first step in preparing you for an internationally recognised qualification in Service Management such as ITIL®.

It provides guidance to organizations and individuals on how to use IT as a tool to facilitate business change, transformation and growth.

It is mapped in ISO 20000 Part 11. This recognizes the way that it can be used in to meet the requirements set out for ISO 20000 certification.

This package covers Introduction level study, further Foundation and Practitioner levels available for upgrade as and when you wish to progress to the next level.

Benefits of Method:

· Manage business risk and service disruption or failure

· Improve and develop positive relationships with your customers by delivering efficient services that meet their needs

· Establish cost-effective systems for managing demand for your services

· Support business change whilst maintaining a stable service environment.

· Enhance your CV and boost future employment prospects.

Introduction Level – Course Content:

• 2 modules with associated engaging, motion graphic, video presented lessons

• Notes to support each lesson and references to further suggested reading.

• Support materials and exercises to consolidate the learning

• Foundation level sample questions to test and embed the learning

• Eligible for 5 CPU/PDU points.


1) What are the prerequisites, if any to take the course?

Familiarity with IT services and Service management is useful but not essential.

2) Who should take this course?

Designed for:

– Individuals who require a high level appreciation of the Service Management framework and how it may be used to enhance the quality of IT service management within an organization.

– IT professionals that are working within an organization that has adopted and adapted Service Management who need to be informed about and thereafter contribute to an ongoing service improvement programme. This may include but is not limited to, IT professionals, business managers and business process owners.

This is an accredited course eligible for CPDs/PDUs and prepares you towards a potential qualification in Service Management

3) What will students achieve or be able to do after taking your course?

a) Appreciation of Service management as a practice.

b) Awareness of concepts, definitions, processes, functions, roles and RACI Matrix.

c) Help you to become informed as a member of an IT service management environment

d) First Step towards a qualification in Service Management.

e) Eligible for 5 Category – C PDUs or CPDs

Next Step/Course: Service Management – Foundation

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